It takes a lot to get under my skin but here are just a few things that bother me without fail.

Peeve Number 1

When people stand too close behind me, or my friends walk behind me. No offense, but I don’t like people talking to my back. It makes me shudder, or want to turn around and hit someone. (Not that I am a violent person.)

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Peeve Number 2

People that act better than everyone else. I do not like a snob. I do not care how much you or your daddy earns, who your friends are, or who you know in high places. The more you try to rub your significance in my face, the less I think you actually contribute to our society.


Peeve Number 3

Text speech and Ebonics. (Disclaimer: My reasoning for disagreeing with Ebonics has nothing to do with racial issues. I am a Hispanic female and I do not have an issue with color, creed, or preference. My peeve with Ebonics only lies in that it is not proper English.) Text speech and Ebonics are poor excuses for communication. It encourages people to ignore spelling and grammar rules. It also encourages laziness with speech. Saying a complete sentence is not difficult. If you think it takes too many words to get your point across then go to China and learn Chinese. At least in China their words are one syllable each. Do not botch the language we already have. We aren’t computers, and not all of us know the majority of the meaning of the words used with Ebonics. (Following video has a little cursing, but not enough to be too offensive)

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