Ipads seem great, don’t they. Slim, easy to use. It is your Iphone on crack. However, despite the mass appeal, I would not own one for several reasons.

Reason number one being, I consider myself a little old fashioned. (Just a little) I still prefer a good desktop over a laptop any day. The desktop stays at home and you can’t take it with you. Which brings me to my next point, (I promise, it is related.)

Reason number two, the ability to be wired all the time and everywhere you go causes lack of socialization. I want to be able to interact with people wherever I go. The Ipad just makes it easier for you to ignore everyone around you. You get sidetracked with all the various applications. It doesn’t leave room for a healthy social life.

That is why I like my desktop. I can do what I need to do on it, and it stays in the same place so that I can interact with people. Don’t get me wrong, it is greatly convenient to use. It could replace conventional laptops, although I imagine the keyboard would be annoying. But personally I say, enough with the Ipads, laptops, kindles, crazy cell phones with countless abilities. Let’s live in the real world and not the virtual one.

Image one: http://www.cartoonstock.com/newscartoons/cartoonists/mfl/lowres/mfln8l.jpg