My dinner party would take place in the courtyard of the Neuschwanstein Palace in Germany. It is a lovely palace that I visited once when I was 16. Walt Disney also based Cinderella castle after visiting this palace. The theme would be simple elegance. White linens with silver accents, and white flowers with accents of Swarovski crystals. (I have a thing for objects that share my name. Call it semi-egotistical if you will. )

Guests and Conversation Topics

The four people I would invite would be as follows:

George Carlin- a deceased comedian; I really enjoy his comedy, but before he was a comedian he was a college professor who taught subjects such as the etymology of words

William Shakespeare – a great playwright; I want to be able to ask him about the interpretation of his later and darker works that less people are familiar work such as Titus Andronicus.

My Great Aunt Ada – She took to the grave a family secret that I wish to find out for myself. I am hoping being brought back for one evening will make her more receptive to finally revealing the truth.

Lauren Kuss- she is one of my best friends and shares a lot of the same views that I do, in everything from religion, philosophy, and even in areas we don’t agree, we can be civil. I know she would really enjoy meeting George Carlin and Shakespeare, if not for the value they bring but for the comedy and the unique speech of Old English

So that is my guest list, something friendly, something funny, something dramatic, and something secret.