Statesboro is a nice small town with a good location, as far as being close to Savannah. But as for businesses I feel it is still very limited. I don’t mind Walmart, but I really wish they would add a Target. Target, in my opinion, has nicer products when it comes to apartment decorating, clothing, and their Archer Farm products seem tastier then Great Value products. I think Target could do very well in Statesboro. It is the only store I really believe would do well. I also think maybe we should have an ice skating rink, just to provide people with more recreation activities such as ice skating and hockey.


There are also many other businesses I would love Statesboro to have, however will probably not flourish. For example, organic grocery stores such as Whole Foods and Trader Joes would be a healthier option for those who chose to live healthier. However, as much as I know I would shop there, many others would not.