I will honestly admit that I haven’t quite been too good at “seizing the day.” In fact, many of my friends will admit to having to tell me multiple times to let my hair down and relax. Perhaps it is just myself, or perhaps I don’t consider their version of carpe diem to be my idea of it. However, I did seize an opportunity once when I was 17; I joined the army for the chance to go to California for a year or more and be taught a foreign language. I got to live in one of the most beautiful cities in California and learn Mandarin Chinese. In addition, I got to Hawaii and Taiwan to practice more of my new found language abilities. It was quite an experience that took me out into the world to live and explore alone.

As for good PR tactics that have captured an opportunity, I like to think of J.K. Rowling. She started off impoverished, scribbling her ideas onto napkins. With good PR she turned her books into a multi-million dollar industry that spawned a revival in reading (if only temporary) and whole franchise for Warner Brothers Studios.