Social media is a very dominate aspect of today’s society. I personally have a Facebook account, which I mostly use for game play or to keep up with friends. However I would not mind if social media was done away with all together. Long ago we were told to be careful what we posted online so that strangers wouldn’t be able to find us and harm us. But now everything seems to be public.

With social media that connects not only to your computer but your cell phone too, it is easier for more and more people to leak out personal information that we were once told to safeguard. For example there is a social app where you tell people exactly where you are. If you attend one place more than others nearby you become the mayor of this place, thus giving you a coupon you can use at the business you frequent. To me, this raises a giant red flag. If someone wanted to stalk you or hurt you, you are revealing everything they need to find you on one single web page. Talk about scary.

So if social media was done away with, I wouldn’t lose sleep or struggle. People would be a lot safer. Though businesses may have a harder time advertising and campaigning without social media, they will adapt. They have done it once before, they can do it again.