Teen pregnancy is a very touchy subject to a lot of people. Especially those women who are teen mothers themselves. They receive much scrutiny for having children when they are still children themselves. Most teen mothers would argue that nobody is born to be a mother everyone has to learn for themselves, even if they are older or married women. It doesn’t make any one mother better than another. But I think they are missing the point.

Hollywood glamorizes casual sex and promiscuous lifestyles of today’s American. Although the original intent of MTV might of been to show the consequences of adolescent sexuality and foolishness, it became more about the glamor. These teenagers are now getting featured in magazines, and just about everywhere else. Some young child, foolishly hoping to make it big in Hollywood may attempt to get pregnant just to make it onto the television series. It is quite ridiculous. And if MTV wasn’t trying to glamorize sex and pregnancy then what on earth was their intention with the airing of the show “Skins”? Someone please explain why there is a show with high school age children having sex all the time and doing drugs.

In conclusion, the main issue that needs to be addressed isn’t pregnancy itself but the actions that lead up to pregnancy. Hollywood needs to stop promoting the idea of casual sex and how you can fall in love with someone by being their “friend with benefits” like in the film “No Strings Attached”. They should definitely stop portraying sex as something that is happening in high school. Cause if you can’t handle the consequences of being a parent, if you can’t even support yourself monetarily to be living on your own, if you can’t use the proper former of protection, you shouldn’t be having sexual relations with anyone. And Hollywood should stop glamorizing it.