What is the best advice you have ever been given? Did you follow that advice?

The best advice I received was in 8th grade. Middle school was a time of great struggle for me. The transition between elementary school and middle school was very difficult. The majority of my childhood friends ended up going to the other middle school in town so I started off with few friends. All I wanted was popularity so I was trying to make friends with whoever I could only to get used by those people.

It was my friend Alexis, who to this day is still one of my best friends, that gave me some life changing advice. She said, “I would rather have one real friend then a million fake friends.” It took me a while to understand what it meant and why she said. But in order to fit in with other people I was becoming someone I was not. I was not being myself, for the sake of popularity. When I realized what I was doing wrong, I got rid of the people who didn’t like me for the dweeb I was. Even now I have a limited number in my circle that I deem a friend. However, those in my circle love me for my goofy and random self. I always remember that advice and live it everyday.