Our assignment was to Twitter for a week. And let me say this was no easy task for me. I hardly update my Facebook status as it is, let alone update a Twitter account. I found the task very difficult to follow. One, I am the kind of person that has a lot to say but not a lot to share with the world. I am not one to put my business online. So it was hard for me to find things that I would be okay with sharing. Another difficult aspect was when posting links. I usually do not have to patience to watch a link, let alone post one. Twitter is for those who are completely involved in their electronic devices all the time. I found it very difficult to keep up. I can go a whole day without so much as my cell phone and be fine. (I know, I did it Friday) But in order to meet the minimum number of posts I had to download the Twitter application to my cell phone, and remember to use it.

The only thing I saw useful about Twitter is when you follow PR organizations. They even update when they have a job opening, which can be great for prospective PR graduates. They also update any news that would be relevant to their followers. As far as whether or not I would continue to use Twitter, I say yes, but I probably wouldn’t be updating it very often. I was not a big fan of the experience. I will keep the account in case I need to use it for future projects or PR work. It is good to know how to use it. However, it will probably only be used for professional work and not much personal information.