Texting and walking can be dangerous not only to oneself but to others. However, danger can be avoided if the texter remains mindful of their environment. If someone is so engaged in their cell phone that they can’t pay attention to where they are walking then they do not need to be texting. It doesn’t take long to stop off to the side and send your message before continuing to text. However, those who cannot do that are the ones who cause the most issues.

On the television show 1000 Ways to Die they depicted a true story of a woman who was so busy texting and walking and a man so busy texting and driving that she couldn’t see the car coming as she crossed the street and he couldn’t react quickly enough to avoid her. However, not everyone is this irresponsible when they text and walk.

I walk and text every so often. However, I spend more time watching what is around me then actually texting. If you text often enough you know where your letters are on your keypad anyways. So you do not have to look down at the screen too much. If I have to type a long message, I stop, type, and then continue on my way. Texting and walking can be managed. You just have to be responsible about it.

As far as a PR campaign, they should do what they do with beer commercials, walk and text responsibly. There should be a depiction of a person who doesn’t pay attention and of another one that does it responsibly.