Media at our fingertips, can be a useful thing for finding out information you need/want to know fast. However, it is also a hindrance to regular face-to-face communication. We are guilty of this, especially myself.


I pride myself on being somewhat up to date in cell phone technology without breaking the bank. I have a Motorola Atrix 2 which is a touch screen phone with front and back camera on the Android network. Despite all the things I can do on my phone, I tend to use it for texts, calls, email checking, and sometimes checking my Facebook account. Sometimes my phone is also my camera but not very often as I don’t usually take very many pictures…unless it’s of my dog.

I love and hate my phone. I love its usefulness but I hate how sometimes I use it to distraction. I sometimes cannot resist texting back another person while a friend in the same room is trying to tell me something they find to be important. I also find myself only partially listening and not even understanding what that person just said to me even without my phone in hand due to what I call the “technology space out syndrome”. You get so used to spacing out when you use technology, that more and more I find it easier to space out while engaging the real world. But so long as you are aware that this is going on, you can make conscious effort to fix it. Just as I am trying to now.