Working in public relations (or any field for that matter), you will find yourself working with difficult people – whether it’s co-workers or clients. After reading Ragan’s list, what would you add to it? Have you found yourself using any of the 12 ways Ragan suggests? If so, which ones?


Ragan makes some great points in his post. I would have never really consider taking some of these steps to dealing with difficult people. Typically, I just accept that they are difficult and try to work around it. There are some great things to consider in Ragan’s post. I especially liked the advice on considering the flip side, or perhaps realizing you are being just as difficult to them as they are being to you.

I actually did use one of these steps recently when dealing with a friend of a friend’s. This person was being difficult when it came to deciding on what it is the group was planning on doing. It was his way or no way, and he would literally pout until he got his way. He made having fun or even appreciating his company, very very difficult. But I identified his difficult nature stemmed from other variables. And I worked around his difficult nature. (On an off-note, if this had been a potential interest for dating, I would have not dealt with that at all. But since this was just dealing with a friend’s friend for a weekend, I was more tolerable.)

I don’t think that anything should be added to Ragan’s list. It is pretty thorough. However, there should be an increase in communication between the difficult person and the person trying to handle them. Let them know that you understand why they feel the way they do and you are doing your best to work together. It might make them less difficult and more personable with you.