To say I am not guilty of walking and texting would be lying. I am pretty sure almost everyone has been guilty of doing this at least once, if not more. We are all consumed by our phones. However, walking and texting isn’t as dangerous as driving and texting is. Texting and walking should be a matter of common sense. Look around while you are doing it. Don’t just keep your head down the whole time staring at the screen. If you are crossing the street, put your phone aside until you get safely across. Don’t walk too close to the edge of the road. If the sidewalk has too many holes and hills, pay extra attention to your walking, not your texting. These are common sense things to consider. If someone died because they weren’t watching where they were going, they weren’t exercising common sense. But the government should not try to regulate people who are texting and walking. Police officers have other things to worry about, the least of which being a babysitter.