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A social media news release is very similar to a press release only it is available online and there can be links and multimedia added easily. The news release can be done in the narrative manner or in the traditional news facts mannerism. The advantages are that you can provide additional media with the news release. However, a disadvantage is that many people do not trust the information in a SMNR. Public Relations is still training to change its image from the “used car sales” image. Other advantages include ease of sharing and opportunity for conversation in the blogging community. Other disadvantages include the news release being limited to the internet. Those who do not know how to access a social media news release will be unable to find and view them.



Some things a practitioner should consider when using a social media news release is to only use facts with the news release. You do not want to try to sell the company you are representing but to provide objective facts about the what the organization is doing, it’s goals, and how it is making efforts to achieve those goals.

Here are a few sites that may help a practitioner create a social media news release.



Some social media news releases that other organizations have created.




The social media news release that I created was for Georgia Southern University’s Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) Cadet Association. It covered the recent event they used to raise awareness about the program and what they do.


The purpose of the news release was to inform about an on-campus event that focused on physical fitness to portray the importance of being physically fit in life and especially as a future officer in the U.S. military. The event not only promoted people to go out and run, but the proceeds helped the Eagle Battallion Cadet Association provide military uniforms and equipment for the training of the future officers of the Army. The event also included health tips for people who want a healthier living. The goal was to raise more awareness of what the ROTC program does on campus. The target audience were people who support the military, as well as people who enjoy challenging themselves physically and keeping in shape.

Some tips that would be useful for making your own social media news release include the following:


1. Also, do not forget to include links wherever it is required. This will allow for the viewer to access all aspects of the information.

2. Do not include too many links, you do not wish to overwhelm your news release.

3. Use high quality images for easier viewing.

4. Use short headlines and subheads. You do not wish to repeat information from the lead paragraph.

5. Try to be creative to attract readers, but make sure your information is relevant.

6. Do not go too crazy. You do not want a social media news release that looks too busy. It will distract from the message you are attempting to convey.


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Topic 12: Texting and Walking

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Texting and walking can be dangerous not only to oneself but to others. However, danger can be avoided if the texter remains mindful of their environment. If someone is so engaged in their cell phone that they can’t pay attention to where they are walking then they do not need to be texting. It doesn’t take long to stop off to the side and send your message before continuing to text. However, those who cannot do that are the ones who cause the most issues.

On the television show 1000 Ways to Die they depicted a true story of a woman who was so busy texting and walking and a man so busy texting and driving that she couldn’t see the car coming as she crossed the street and he couldn’t react quickly enough to avoid her. However, not everyone is this irresponsible when they text and walk.

I walk and text every so often. However, I spend more time watching what is around me then actually texting. If you text often enough you know where your letters are on your keypad anyways. So you do not have to look down at the screen too much. If I have to type a long message, I stop, type, and then continue on my way. Texting and walking can be managed. You just have to be responsible about it.

As far as a PR campaign, they should do what they do with beer commercials, walk and text responsibly. There should be a depiction of a person who doesn’t pay attention and of another one that does it responsibly.

Twitter for a week

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Our assignment was to Twitter for a week. And let me say this was no easy task for me. I hardly update my Facebook status as it is, let alone update a Twitter account. I found the task very difficult to follow. One, I am the kind of person that has a lot to say but not a lot to share with the world. I am not one to put my business online. So it was hard for me to find things that I would be okay with sharing. Another difficult aspect was when posting links. I usually do not have to patience to watch a link, let alone post one. Twitter is for those who are completely involved in their electronic devices all the time. I found it very difficult to keep up. I can go a whole day without so much as my cell phone and be fine. (I know, I did it Friday) But in order to meet the minimum number of posts I had to download the Twitter application to my cell phone, and remember to use it.

The only thing I saw useful about Twitter is when you follow PR organizations. They even update when they have a job opening, which can be great for prospective PR graduates. They also update any news that would be relevant to their followers. As far as whether or not I would continue to use Twitter, I say yes, but I probably wouldn’t be updating it very often. I was not a big fan of the experience. I will keep the account in case I need to use it for future projects or PR work. It is good to know how to use it. However, it will probably only be used for professional work and not much personal information.


Topic 11: An Inspiring Word

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What is the best advice you have ever been given? Did you follow that advice?

The best advice I received was in 8th grade. Middle school was a time of great struggle for me. The transition between elementary school and middle school was very difficult. The majority of my childhood friends ended up going to the other middle school in town so I started off with few friends. All I wanted was popularity so I was trying to make friends with whoever I could only to get used by those people.

It was my friend Alexis, who to this day is still one of my best friends, that gave me some life changing advice. She said, “I would rather have one real friend then a million fake friends.” It took me a while to understand what it meant and why she said. But in order to fit in with other people I was becoming someone I was not. I was not being myself, for the sake of popularity. When I realized what I was doing wrong, I got rid of the people who didn’t like me for the dweeb I was. Even now I have a limited number in my circle that I deem a friend. However, those in my circle love me for my goofy and random self. I always remember that advice and live it everyday.

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